Sunday Service Location


Temp Faciility 3669 Guilderland Ave. Schenectady NY, 12306 (Bethel Office)



Mailing Address


Converge Community Church

3669 Guilderland Ave

Rotterdam, NY 12306

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship - Starting at 10:30AM

Converge Community Church exists to strengthen our community through encouraging them to discover their extraordinary destiny in Jesus, connect them with others on that same journey and reach their communities with the practical love of Christ!

What We Are All About:


Seeing people's lives changed through the power of Jesus.



Helping people find real freedom in their relationship with God.



Helping people unlock their limitless potential to change the world.



Helping people discover their identity and value as a child of God.



It is our goal to teach and encourage people to bring Glory to God in every aspect of their lives: Home, Church, Work, Finances, etc.



Cultivating a community of belonging: Connecting people!


Connection with God! to know and grow


Connection with people: Connecting them with people that can help them take the next steps on their journey in Christianity.


Connection with ministry: helping people discover their gifts, providing opportunities to develop those gifts and connecting them in ministries where they can flourish in those gifts.



It is our desire for every person who is a part of this church to pursue health in their relationships.


Health - in Church; in Family; with Friends; and with people you are out of relationship with!


Health seeks the benefit of all parties involved!


Our Mission: