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Temp Faciility 3669 Guilderland Ave. Schenectady NY, 12306 (Bethel Office)



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Converge Community Church

3669 Guilderland Ave

Rotterdam, NY 12306

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship - Starting at 10:30AM


Pastor Sean Lawton has worked in ministry throughout NY state since 2002 and holds his credentials with the Assemblies of God. He spent several years in youth ministry and has functioned in the rolls of associate pastor, interim pastor, family ministries overseer and most recently has been on staff at Bethel Full Gospel in Schenectady NY as a church plant pastor.


In December of 2010 his wife Sarah was in a car accident that caused a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). It has been a long journey and they are still trusting God for a full miraculous recovery. They have seen God's hand on their lives watching God do miracle after miracle. Sarah is now enrolled in Living Resources, a local program for individulas with TBI's, and they have seen great progress in her life through it.


They have three beautiful children together, Kaylee, Kiera and Katherine.

Rodney Wilson is married to Montra Wilson and has four boys that keep them busy.  Youth Ministry has always been Rodney’s passion and heart, which is why he chose to get a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry from Southeastern College of the Assemblies of God.  Since then he has volunteered at several churches and been involved with their youth programs whenever possible.  Rodney has been with our church since December 2015.  



Pastor Brian Voelpel's mission is to lead kids in to growing, healthy relationships with Jesus and to empower them to become missionaries in their homes and schools. He is from Baldwin, NY down on Long Island, and graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Studies with a minor in youth ministry from Northpoint Bible College. Since then, he has accumulated 4 years of experience in children's ministry. When Pastor Brian was a child, he struggled with low self esteem. As he grew up in the church, he learned to find his esteem in God's love. Now, Pastor Brian is called to teach kids that Jesus loves and values each of them more than they could have ever imagined.