Sunday Service Location


Temp Faciility 3669 Guilderland Ave. Schenectady NY, 12306 (Bethel Office)



Mailing Address


Converge Community Church

3669 Guilderland Ave

Rotterdam, NY 12306

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship - Starting at 10:30AM


Every story has a start and it is not usually until you look back that you see how everything has been working together for a particular goal. Every decision that we have made, every endeavor that we have pursued has led us to this, Church Planting.

Bethel Full Gospel has a vision to plant churches through the Capitol Section. They had no idea where to start or how to do it, so they prayed. As a result of one of those prayers God answered by leading Pastor Sean Lawton to go on staff for the soul purpose of launching there first. We have worked diligently for the past two and a half years preparing for the launch of our first church in Scotia NY.

With a massive backing from Bethel, and with the support of our district, friends and family, we saw these prayers and dreams come to fruition on September 7th 2014. God has continued to show our church great favor within the community.

We are pleased to say that Converge Community Church is only the first of many churches to come from Bethel Full Gospel, and we are proud to be a part of what we believe will be a great legacy.